Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cyber Cruise Ball ~ Here I come!

Here is my chosen attire for Captain Lifecruiser's Cyber Cruise Ball aboard the Cyber Cruise tonight!

I liked the colours and style. It's very spring like! Not too formal, but hey! I got it at Nordstroms.

It is a Donna Ricco Overlay Halter Dress and at $158 it was a steal!!

Now accessories do make the outfit.

What did I chose?

From Neiman Marcus., the following:

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled T-Strap Sandal at $650.00, but price should never become an object when it comes to shoes, don't you agree?

Judith Leiber Limited Edition Venus Miniaudiere clutch purse, a mere $3,995.00 ~ it encapsulates the oceanic perspective of a cruise, con't you think?

Devon Leigh Quartz & Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings only $225, after the last extravagant purchase, I thought I should hold back a bit.

The Shaesby White Topaz Briolette Necklace is simple but elegant, and will go with everything, don't you think? Oh, I almost forgot, silly me. $375.00.

Last, the piece de resistance, a statement ring, JudeFrances Peridot & Diamond Ring, a little pricey at $3070, but I'm worth it!

Grand total.

And I had a ball!!


Captain Dancer Lifecruiser said...

YES! That is for sure a spring dress! Very lovely and suitable right now! You're stunningly beautiful and the handsome crew on the ball will go crazy about you!

...and the shoes and the ring, that ones could have been my choices for real life. I adore them!

Sword Girl/0cean Lady said...

I love that purse! How beautiful! I'm having a Newcastle, peeking in at the ball. :-)

Sanni said...

I fell haed over feet in love with your dress - and the ring. It´s beautiful... Memo to self:"No, Sanni! Don´t touch what you can´t afford" *LOL*

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Capn Dancer Lifecruiser ~ oh my *blushes* thank you!

Sword girl / Ocean Lady ~ you seem to have gone missing for a few days. I'll have to come back over find your blog again!

Sanni ~ LOL, isn't it funny that the most inexpensive part of the outfit is the dress!!

Gattina said...

Oh my what a pair we are when we are standing besides each other !

Hootin'Anni said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

You did good in ALL your choices. A definite BELLE of the BALL

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Gattina ~ yes what a bunch we all make!!! hee hee heee

Thanks Hootin' Anni ~ Everyone looked so smashing, I must say!!

RennyBA said...

Woooow, your worth a fortune in this and such a great taste you have.
May I take you with next time I need to dress up for a special occasion. I know your expertise (and credit card!) would take it to a new dimension ;-)